Why your Digital Menu Board sucks!

10 most common Digital Menu Board mistakes 

First, we strongly suggest watching this SNL skit from a few years back, as it is totally relevant in several ways as to how you need to design your digital menu boards and why.

It’s also entertaining in and of itself.

Age old drama but totally relevant to today's  dilemma,

except now we have digital menu boards

So Many Choices!! What are you going to do??

 Streamlined Menu Offerings

Digital Menu boards make a lot of money

If you offer too many choices and/or cram too much on the screen, you not only slow down the line but eventually lose customers who don’t have the time or patience.

Digital Menu board makes money

Reason 1: Too much content

  • Makes choosing easy.
  • Speeds up the line.
  • Plain and simple is the key.
  • ... and it makes money! 

So what do people want?

i.e. a lot of money compared to the Burger Joint !

Streamlined Digital Menu board System

Here is a Burger joint with its dizzying array of choices.

They are trying to be everything to everybody, but wind up being nothing to nobody.

An impossible array of choices can’t do the job it’s supposed to, and the bottom line suffers as a consequence...

Customers are looking for QUICK SERVICE

QSR Rule No 1

Consumer grade TVs are meant for living rooms, not for commercial environments

Glossy screens, shiny bezels/edges, and razor thin profiles are not for commercial environments.

Glossy screens = good for large pictures/videos, but awful for menu boards, text and scrolls.

Consumer TVs have low brightness, not suitable for commercial (brightly lit) environments.

Reason 2: Consumer-grade TVs

Consumer TVs come with a 1-year warranty on parts, ONLY if the screen is used in a residential environment!

Commercial Screens have 3-years of PREMIUM Warranties.

How about Warranty?

Consumer TVs have LOW CONTRAST, which makes them almost unreadable.

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Why commercial-grade screens matter and why consumer-grade screens suck!

Short-sighted budget? Look beyond the hardware and upfront costs. What is the ongoing fee?

Here's what they say ...

"The digital menu boards enhance the professional image of our restaurants and dining experience by creating an atmosphere that stimulates our guests through sight, sound, and of course taste. It is so easy to update the menu daily to show the specials for that particular day!"

- Jeff Chang, MD of Market Creations

"The ability to project professionally designed digital signage and maintain brand continuity all while proactively meeting daily changes is priceless. The real value of digital signage is in keeping the screens fresh and relevant."

- Erica Shmidt, CEO of Fun Fore All

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